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DuPont Hongji Films Foshan Co. Ltd., (hereainfter DPHJ), a joint venture established by Mylar Specialty Films China Limited and FSPG Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, is one of the largest bi-axially oriented polyester (BOPET) manufacturers in China equipped with the world-class technology. DuPont Teijin Hongji Films Ningbo Co. Ltd., is a subsidiary company located in Ningbo. We have seven world-advanced production lines to deliver over sixty thousand tons annual capacity with the most integrated and differentiated product mix ranging from the thickness of 2 to 360 microns. Flexible and stable supply from Foshan city in Guangdong Province and Ningbo city in Zhejiang Province can better satisfy customers’ requirement in various areas.

Our products cover various categories such as packaging films, industrial films, electrical/electronic materials, image films, specialty films and magnetic media films, which have been widely used in packaging, industry, electronic and electric fields.

Packaging film, one of the company’s major brand-name products, includes Printable base film, medical packaging base film, Enhanced adhesion printable base film, Two-side pre-treated printable base film, Enhanced two-side pre-treated printable base film, Metallizable base film, Enhanced adhesion metallizable base film, Metallizable base film for paper lamination, Metallizable base film for extrusion lamination, High gloss metallizable base film and Two-side pre-treated film for metallization and printing. Printable base film is FDA compliant for food packaging, and medical packaging base film is FDA compliant for medical packaging.

Industrial film, one of the company’s major and advanced brand-name products covers, DFR, Stamping foil base film, Transfer film, General purpose high clarity film, Tensilized film, Bi-axially shrinkable film, Laser holographic base film, Printable base film for reflective materials, and Anti-counterfeit transfer film.

Electrical/electronic materials, the main developing and advanced products, include Membrane touch switch film, Radiant heating film, Electrical insulation base film, Wire & cable base film, Motor film, Low oligomer motor film, Capacitor base film, Flame retardant film, Shrinkable insulation base film and Low-temperature radiate heating film.

Image film, as the cover protection, can maintain the documents and photos’ flatness and appearance after processing without deformation. It has post-lamination base film, dimensionally thermal stable film, high clarity post-lamination base film and anti-UR protective base film.

Specialty films, the newly developed products made from special raw materials through special process, include the matte film and white film.

We are looking forward to the strategic partnership with our distinguished guests with our best quality and service, and committed to be the flexible and strong support in every aspect for the your success.

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